The country


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A small country, obliged to assert itself among larger powers for hundreds of years, needs to exude flexibility while offering internal stability. This is what enabled the Grand Duchy to become a sovereign state in 1815. Today’s constitutional monarchy is founding member of the European Union and synonymous with political constancy and is a guarantor for a high degree of planning security.

At the same time, Luxembourg is the country which has most internalized the concept of Europe. Multilingualism begins at school and is continued in the media. German, French, English, Luxemburgish – multilingualism is the rule in the Grand Duchy and not an exception. Cultural life is just as multi-layered with a wide variety of influences and trends merging from all over Europe. After all, Luxembourg is a melting-pot. Nearly 50 percent of around 600,000 inhabitants have roots outside of the Grand Duchy. Add to this almost 200,000 commuters from Belgium, France and Germany. Luxembourg is also the seat of the European Court of Justice, the European Audit Office, the European Investment Bank, the Secretariat-General of the European Parliament as well as the European Stability Mechanism. It is no coincidence therefore that Luxembourg and its environs have been named European Cultural Capital 2007. In short: Europe is lived here.