Corporate Bank


More than a mere money-lender …

Corporate Bank is one of the four administrative credit centres operated by the Deutsche Bank Group world-wide making it a hub for syndicated and bilateral large-scale loans in EURO-Land. Apart from “classic” Euro loans, the range of offers also includes acquisition and leveraged financing, all kinds of project financing, financing of operating resources, trust business and Sharia-compatible financing (Islamic banking).

Our focus here lies in the qualified support and management of complex tailor-made financing structures offered by the Deutsche Bank Group to its major clients and medium-sized businesses throughout Europe via its product groups.

The Corporate Bank Department collaborates closely with the business unit responsible for the respective client connection and is involved as early as generation of the financing offers (term sheet). Later loan documentation for financing is also drawn up using the client retainer in close co-ordination with the respective division and internal or external lawyers. Once the contracts have been signed, Corporate Bank is responsible for the entire co-ordination of all of the parties involved. These tasks include entering loan underwriting shares, routing capital and interest payments, all correspondence, contract modifications and handling contract violations.